Flue Jab

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Get the flu jab

Influenza is a virus causing a lung or respiratory infection. While for most people it is only an unpleasant illness that should pass in about a week, it can cause serious complications, particularly in young children and older adults.

Getting a flu vaccination is the most effective way to stop you catching flu and passing it on to others.

Who can get a free flu jab?

You can get

the flu jab for free if you are:

  • Pregnant – at any stage of pregnancy
  • Aged 2-3 years  – the vaccination is delivered via a nasal spray rather than an injection
  • Aged 65 years +
  • Aged 6 months + and have:

Chronic respiratory disease

Chronic heart disease

Chronic kidney disease

Chronic liver disease

Chronic neurological disease



Protect yourself

Speak to your GP or Pharmacy to arrange to get vaccinated.

More information

For more information about the vaccine, who should get it and why, visit NHS Choices website.

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