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Here you can see a pic of your web master. I’m one or two years older now.

Gregory P Camp was (Pepper) writes:

Came Across the web site for Finedon, what a wave of memories from so long ago. I was surprised to see a photo of me  from Tom Watts would like to hear from any of the guys or gals that I went to school with, funny how time takes away names but I still can see the faces. I Lived at Red Gables Iirthlingborough rd My Granddad was William(bill) Trevor,and my Grandmother was Clara (Stanley) Trevor. My mother was Dorothy (Trevor) I left Finedon in 1958 for these United States, and I regret not keeping in touch with anyone . Please forward my information on to anyone who would like to contact me   Thanks  and If I can help in any way please let me know
Gregory P Camp
709 Vine
Oklahoma 73521
(580) 482-5033
Greg Camp, Assistant District Supervisor
District IV, Probation & Parole / Community Corrections
Altus Community Work Center
308 W. Broadway
Altus, OK  73521-3806
Phone:  580-482-0790
FAX:  580-477-4073

Peter am sending a few recent photos of me and my current love Ha Ha