The Blackbird

I received  an email from Tony Bailey about his uncle Bob Cooper Tony has sent   some interesting details of his life in Finedon and a poem he penned called,
“The Blackbird”

Below is Tony’s original email, and the poem

If you never knew my uncle and need any info we will supply it.  He was a long time pigeon fancier and also played piano in the clubs.  I think it was the Conservative Club or Band Club or both I will get back to you on that. I lovely man with a brash sense of humour I loved him he was so funny.  An ardent family man and loved by us all.  Robert James Cooper known to all as Bob.  Born 6 May 1914 Finedon died 9 Feb 1993 Finedon. It wasn’t until his family went through his things after he died that they found this poem ‘The Blackbird’ and were amazed.