10 Winter Of 1922

Here is another note for oldtimers. One day in the winter of 1922 I started for school and found that there was five inches of snow on the ground and that branches had been broken off trees, and wires were down. No traffic was moving. When I reached Mulso school I found it was closed for the day, but there was exciting news. An iionstone mine had put his wet blasting powder in the oven to dry it out, and it had exploded. The house was in Birdcage row, and we speculated that it might have damaged Jacques leaning store which was at the end of the row. We trudged through Bobbies’entry and the jitty, expecting devastation. Much to our disapointment the only damage was that it blew the door off the stove and the windows out of the house.

Best wishes. Len Butler.