08 Finedon Feast

Here is a recollection from old times.

The amusements for Finedon feast were transported from town to town by road on waggons pulled by two small steam engines, and one large steam engine which also made the electricity for the carnival. One or more engines often arrived at noon when we were out of school. We would watch them turn into Knight’s paddock, and move their loads to the assigned places in the field. If the ground was soft the little engines would get bogged down, and then they would unwind tbnhe cable from the big engine and winch the little one out. On days like that, many of us were late for school ,and got a reprimand. We would hang around the paddock while the rousters set up the round-a-bouts,coconut shies, hoop-la, swings and other amusements. We gave lots of free advice which was not always appreciated. After the three day fair the field was a mess. On the otherhand, the annual hospital parade ended in Knight’s upper field for the sports events, and water had to be brought in for the mud of the obstacle race. Regards, Len.