Ex-Pat  2013 contacts


Hi there, I am Marian Read ( was Marian Coles) I WAS BORN IN FINEDON AND LIVED THERE FOR MANY YEARS, I WOULD LIKE CONTACT WITH ANYONE OUT THERE, I WAS BORN IN 1947 AND NOW LIVE IN DAVENTRY. lI also have a brother Graham coles, probably known has \”bowie\”

Email: maz9547@hotmail.com

(please copy peter.munton@finedon.org.uk in on any contact.

Over the years I have received several contact from Ex Pats and others interested in Finedon. I recently found this data on my old Finedon website. I will check the addresses over the next few days.



This is Jim and Felicity Tibbs. We used to run THE PARTRIDGE CLUB in Finedon a few years ago. We now live in Florida and would like to pass on our web page and e mail address to all our old friends in Finedon

e mail:  jimtibbs@aol.com
our website: www.floridavacationvilla.com


John Harris an old Finedonion now in Switzerland. He lived on Irthlingborough Road from 1954 to 1966.

E-Mail:  jharri@datacomm.ch


Dick Whitehouse is a new Finedonion who loves our beloved town.
E-Mail: dick@thewhitehousefamily.co.uk


Jim Gibson is an expat now living in Canada he would like to here from Finedonion’s be it expats or otherwise. You can contact him at

E-Mail:  jdgibson@interhop.com


A kind of expat is Rose Carlucci Vargus. Her father was an American Serviceman and lived in 14a Rock Rd. whilst based in Alconbury from 1964 to 1968. Rose attended Our Lady’s school Wellingborough. She now lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

E-Mail:  RVa9115701@iol.com


I made contact with Jim Wrigley whilst on holiday in Finedon (July 2000) he is going to keep me up to date with the latest Finedon news.

E-Mail:     Jim@wrigley28.freeserve.co.uk


An ex next door neighbor of mine Richard Cowley has made contact.
E-Mail: richard@monkshoodpublishing.fsnet.co.uk